Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's that time of year!

We are creeping up on my favorite time of the year. It is coming slowly, but surely. :)

FALL. I love FALL! Pumpkins, lattes, candles that smell like warm vanilla sugar, jackets, leaves, cold mornings, blankets, Razorback football, and FALL CLOTHES. There is something about fall clothes that I love.

Ya see, summer is fun if you are in a swimsuit, but I find it to be VERY hard to dress cute, yet age appropriate in the summer. Everything is too low and too short. I'm not a hoochie dressing kinda person, so I really struggle to find cute things for the summer. THANKFULLY dresses made a comeback this year.

**Side note... did anybody notice that like dresses went away for a while?!?! I remember about 4 years ago needing a dress and going to every store in town and could not find ONE single dress for a woman under the age of 75. And now--they are back!!!!**

anyway, Fall clothes are awesome. But that ALSO means that it's time to go through them and get RID of a bunch of clothes. And honestly, getting rid of things makes me ALMOST as happy as getting NEW things. :) There's a good feeling that comes from purging things from my closet. It's like I feel a weight lifted when I get rid of things that I don't need/want/or wear.

Ask yourself:

So, here we go--almost at another season's ending and the start of a new one. TIme to clean out those closets and drawers and GET RID of things that you don't need!

Benefits to purging your wardrobe:
1. LESS CLUTTER in your life
2. LESS time spent picking something out in the morning
3. MONEY to spend on other items that you actually NEED and will WEAR
4. A nice little TAX DEDUCTION for making a donation
5. Cuter, nicer, BETTER items. When you own less, you can own better.