Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's been too long

It's been too long since I have posted here. It has NOT been because I no longer wish to live minimally, it's been because my TIME has become the most minimal thing in my life. 

* I am in a play. So glad to be back on stage but the time consumption has been a bit ridiculous.. but I must admit that I have loved every single moment of it!

* Back in school 45 minutes away at Henderson. It's so good to be back, but yet again another time drainer... on the road nearly 2 hours each day not to mention the time in class PLUS the homework.

* I'm back to work part time. I really enjoy working at the gym and I am so grateful for this job, but yet again-- time gets sucked away!

Here are some things I have noticed while being so busy:

1. I either spent hardly any money or I completely overspend.
I'm either too busy to stop and buy anything OR I am so involved in my crazy schedule that I lose track of what I spend. I have realized that I spent SO much time keeping our finances in order, checking on our account balances, coming up with plans to live more simply--and now that I have no time for that I NOW realize it may have been an extreme amount of time I spent in this area. So maybe, just maybe, I was so consumed by trying to live on less and get out of debt that I neglected other parts of my life? What do you think... is that possible?

2. Sleep is so important! 
I always knew that and I have always coveted my sleep, but NOW MORE THAN EVER I look forward to simply just going to bed. When we work our bodies so hard all day and keep ourselves so busy we really do need to allow time for REST!!

3. I long for simplicity more than ever!
I know that life will ALWAYS be busy. There is no way around the busy-ness of life, but there are things we can do to allow peace and tranquility in our lives. Yes, I have to go to school. Yes, I have to work, and Yes, frankly I needed the chance to be back on stage. I needed it for ME. But it has never been so evident or important to me to get to a calm, simple stage in my life.

Sorry for the long delay, I do have some very real reasons for the absence but I promise to try and do better!

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