Friday, July 29, 2011


This is a crucial part of our lifestyle these days...


Hopefully you are already saying no to drugs... now its time to say no to SPENDING MONEY!


Think of a HUGE NO SIGN! The one that means DON'T do something? Think of that everytime you want to shop. NO!

Think about how you have NO money to spend! You can't have extra money to spend if you are saving it! If you are watching every penny then there is NOT anything left over. REMIND YOURSELF OF THAT!

If that doesn't work... think of this...

Think of the whole world banding together to spell out the word NO everytime you consider swiping that card!

Maybe i'm a tad extreme, it wouldn't be the first time I have been told that, but it's effective.

Still on the whole FIRST THINGS FIRST idea... you have to not only cut back what you spend at the store (I say that because that is where a HUGE chunk of people spend their checks. They overspend at Walmart, K-Mart, what have you), you have to STOP shopping. You have to say NO! You have to say NO to spending money. You can't truly save money and learn to live on less unless you are saying NO!

Repeat after me...

NO, No, NO. NO!

Unfortunately, step #1 (spending less at the store) is a lot more fun than this step. *SIGH*

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