Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Make extra money

I know, I know. That is EVERYONES solution to helping get out of debt and gain wealth. But, well, it's kinda true.

I understand that not everyone can work 60 hours a week, 2 jobs, raise 3 kids, and have some normalcy in their lives... i'm not saying that. I'm just simply saying do some little EXTRA things.

For example... i write sponsored posts. A lot of bloggers have ads on their blogs, write reviews on items, etc. No-it won't make you wealthy. BUT... on average I make about 200 dollars a month. That money can go towards...
* paying down debt
 *saving for a rainy day
 *allowing for a fun filled weekend with the family where you won't have to worry about spending money because the money you are spending was "extra"
*use it to start a stock pile. Get started on stocking up!
*buy birthday presents and cards for your friends for the whole year.

OR... you can do what I'm doing. :)

i am using this months "Extra" money to buy Christmas. True that I have already gotten started, but I can EASILY finish up with this months "Extra" money. I have a few things left to buy and I plan to wrap it up (not literally wrap yet...you know what I mean) and be done with it!

Then next month I can use that money to buy a years worth of contacts.

Then next month I can have a crazy grocery store run and really fill my cabinets since the other weeks I only buy necessities.

Then next month I can.... who knows?

See my point... doing little extra things may not seem like much but it allows you to have EXTRA money to do different things with.

What can you do to make extra money? Have you ever thought about it?


we are having a huge one in September. That money is all going to go towards next years vacation spending money. Whatever we make--50 bucks, or 300 is all going towards vacation!!!

It's the little things that you can do that allow you to have some extra dough!!

Give it some thought. Prayerfully think of things that you can do to make extra money!


  1. oh please share who you advertise with so that i too can make some extra cash! thanks for the tips!

  2. Well I did google adsense for a while. WASTE of time. I use blogvertise.com. I make around $200 per week with them. It's AWESOME! Be sure and try them out!