Friday, September 2, 2011

The paper trail

Paper trails make me nuts. We get so much mail every day. We get newspapers weekly for coupons...yet SOMEHOW there is always papers EVERYWHERE!

Try this....

Get the Sunday paper for the coupons. Throw everything else AWAY...RIGHT THEN. Or better yet, recycle. That's better.

Your mailbox is outside. Check the mail outside. Throw it away outside. Use your big ol' garbage can to throw everything that you do NOT want away.

Have One place inside that you keep all of your paper mail that you MUST keep.

Use online for EVERYTHING that you possibly can. Obviously you will STILL get junk mail, but get the bulk of it online. Pay your bills online. Get your statements online. SO much easier!

GET rid of the paper trail!!!


  1. This is so right and you can cancel some of that mail you hate which I try to do :) I signed my address up for this one :

  2. And it's great for the environment!