Friday, September 2, 2011

What to do if your life is chaotic?

One of the reasons for living a minimalistic lifestyle is to avoid chaos. Obviously getting rid of things won't take out the day to day chaos of running kids here and there, buying groceries, cooking supper, cleaning house, organizing parties, attending events, working 9-5.... but it CAN help.

If you are finding yourself in a complete world of chaos I suggest doing the following:

1. Look around your house. What makes you nuts? Is it the mail on the counter and it ALWAYS there? Is it stakes of paper that pile up for weeks on end? Is it toys everywhere? Evaluate what makes you feel nuts.

2. Is it your calendar? The fact that you ALWAYS have somewhere to be? Look at what you can eliminate. Take time for yourself. Not just for your family, spouse, and friends...but for YOU!

3. Is it the constant runs to the grocery store? Look at going only ONCE a month. Purchase a deep freeze and stock up so that you only have to dread the trip ONCE a month instead of 14 times.

4. Maybe its people in your life that make you crazy. (this does not apply to family. Nothing you can do about that.) Maybe there are friends in your life that hurt you, stop over un-announced, always have drama...maybe its time to take a time out from those people.

5. Is it your job? Maybe its time to look for less stress.

What is making you chaotic? FIX IT!

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