Monday, October 31, 2011

Saving on the little things...

Is it bad that I typically dread halloween? You have to buy a costume, you have to buy candy for kids you don't know, and you feel the need to be super festive. Well, this year I had already decided that I was going to make this a fun, happy halloween without spending very much money. Of course that is ALWAYS my goal but i've never actually accomplished it when it comes to Halloween.

My daughter wanted to be a dinosaur. Of COURSE she did. :) I knew she'd be the cutest T-rex ever, but I kinda pushed for her to be a pirate princess again. I knew the outfit would still fit and last year I went out in a hurry and bought it paying FULL price. Of course that didn't fly with her so I was on the hunt for a dinosaur costume. NOT easy to find.

I began looking online... HOLY COW! $60 bucks here for one, $94 there... I mean seriously it was INSANE! I can't spend money like that. so i decided I would have to get creative.

I actually PRAYED about it. I knew that she wanted to be a dinosaur and I did NOT want to dissapoint. Wal-Mart actually had the "pieces" for the costume. (gloves, hat, tail) for several different things and ONE of those happened to be a dinosaur! She already had black pants so I bought her a black shirt (for $5.00 and she can TOTALLY wear it again), and i bought some fabric that was lime green to pin on her like it's the patches that dinosaurs have.

Needless to say I walked away spending $15.00 on her costume. The shirt ($5.00) can be worn multiple times again AND I still have a lot of that fabric left.... I feel like I actually succeeded this year.

Halloween comes around once a year and so it makes sense to go all out... but I chose to save on this little thing and i'm so glad that I did!

What about you? Any success stories to speak of?

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