Friday, January 13, 2012

Started out this year pretty good...

So far this year I am feeling good about the steps I have taken to live on less.

First of all, i spent a LOT of time cleaning out my closet. And when I talk about my closet, well, you'd have to see it to believe it. It's probably bigger than my bedroom. It is MASSIVE. It holds a LOT of items in it and so many of them I do NOT need. So, I started out on a cleaning spree.

I made a pile of items to donate, a pile to take to consignment, a pile for my sister (so jealous she can wear my skinny clothes and shes 11 years older than me), AND a pile of things to give to a friend.

It was a good feeling watching those piles stack up and knowing that those items were going AWAY for GOOD!

My closet is becoming less cluttered which means that I am less stressed because I am not looking at it every day thinking "sigh--I need to clean this out". Which means that I am in a better mood, which means that my family is happier, which means that I feel better. It's CRAZY the chain of events that can happen simply from getting rid of some things that you do NOT need.

It's so nice.

I still have more to do. I have some attachments to clothes that is just plain silly. I hate to see them go, but i can't wear them. BUT, with this "Diet plan" i'm on I keep thinking that they may fit one day which would make me sad if I had gotten rid of them. We women--we are really something, aren't we?? :)

So I feel good. i am living on less. I am saving money. I am making the most out of what I have. I feel great. (except for this stomach flu I have had... oh dear Lord. It's been awful.)

Happy New Year. xoxo

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