Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's an easy trap!

While I am VERY pleased with my new lifestyle of living on less and NOT having to have everything in sight, there are still these traps that get me. :) It happens to all of us... so there's no point in pretending that I have it all together. Let's be honest here...

I love i am SO in love with it. I love seeing the cute outfits, shoes, recipes, shoes, fun ideas for kids, shoes... you get the idea. But the crafty stuff is what gets me. I see all of these great ideas and I SO want to do them. I get super excited and make my Michael's and Hobby Lobby lists and then I stop. I realize I am in ... THE TRAP! The trap that makes me want. So i literally have to walk around my house and look at all of the cool things on my wall. All of the neat decorations I have. Don't get me wrong... doing crafts and wanting a cute house are NOT bad things. But for me, well, sometimes I need a reminder that I DON'T need these things. Or at least not now.

I am trying something new... I am keeping a "want list" of things that I want for my daughter, my husband, for me, for the house, for the car... whatever it is! I am keeping a LIST. It's like making a Christmas list year round. :) The best part it is that while I am making this list, I am not buying any of it just yet. I've heard it said (and cannot quote it perfectly) that if you want something, don't buy it, wait 24 hours. I am taking a little bit further. I am writing down all the cute items I want for my house (as an example) and doing nothing with them. Two days later i see something cute in a magazine that I like better. BOY am I glad I hadn't bought anything just yet! By keeping up with what I WANT, I am able to decide which ones I will actually purchase or make. Sounds simple and a little childish, but for me, it has worked.

It has helped me keep my wants in check. It has allowed me to dream of all the fun things I want! Just because I have chosen to live on less does NOT mean that I don't see things that I WANT TO HAVE RIGHT NOW! It just means that I am chosing not to buy them. At least for now.

So that's my latest little thing. It's helping.

What is on YOUR want list?

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