Friday, April 27, 2012

SUPER busy these days!

I apologize for the neglect to this blog lately. Truthfully, I have neglected ALL writing.

It hasn't been intentional, I just literally have been THAT busy. Did I mention my upcoming surgery? If not, check out my other blogs to get filled in.

Anyway, YES I have been busy. This time of year is crazy with the school year winding down for my daughter AND for myself (let's not forget that on top of EVERYTHING I have going on I decided to go BACK to school. SHEESH). Works been nuts, schools been crazy, and I have all sorts of other commitments that take up a lot of time.

But one thing I have been SUPER DUPER busy with lately is getting rid of STUFF!

I found out there was a family in our town that lost everything in a fire. So I went through all of my cabinets and closets to find items that I could donate. Sheets, pots and pans, towels, etc. That REALLY got me thinking about getting rid of more. So I set out on a journey through my house :)

I have recently taken over 100 items (clothing and shoes) to consignment. I have a good bit of money waiting on me there :) But at this time I don't need anything so I am letting it stay right where it belongs. No sense in putting it in my wallet. Then i'll spend on something silly! I cleaned out my closet, my daughters closet, guest rooms, coat closet... I went through it ALL! I feel so refreshed!!!!!

The items that are left in my closet made the cut. They weren't things that I needed or wanted to get rid of . It's OK to keep something just because you want it. That's fine. no one ever said to get rid of something that you WANTED to keep. That would be silly... and also, don't get rid of something that you might actually need!

I was reading on my favorite blog ( the other day and his guest poster that day mentioned that she at one point got rid of things that she ended up having to buy AGAIN. How silly! But if we aren't careful and we get on a war path of clearing out our houses we will do that.

So be careful there.

Bottom line--life is crazy busy and we are making it! But in my spare time of decluttering my life. Which frankly, makes life SO much better.

Live great with less.

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