Friday, July 13, 2012

An awesome reminder...

Sometimes we all need this reminder.

It is so easy to get caught up in things that you want that you can forget how blessed you are to have what you have.

Just yesterday I was stuck in traffic and began adding to my "list". I keep my list with me at all times and I keep up with my "Wants". FIRST of all I do it to track how good or bad I am doing at keeping my wants down. Second I do it so that I have a written record of what I have said i wanted and then i can refer back to it. It helps me balance wants vs. needs and even more than that, it helps me to see what I REALLLY want to save for and purchase.

ANYWAY, here I am jotting down a few things I want when I look up and see a lady who has garbage bags tied around her feet (i'm guessing those were being used for shoes?), looked like she hadn't eaten in days, and was out walking in the heat.

We as a society do NOT realize how blessed and fortunate we are.

Sometimes we need reminders. Sometimes we need to stop and take a breath and just be grateful for what we already have instead of ALWAYS wanting more...

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