Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Maybe I have to change MY perspective

I've said it before, but it's so true... our perspective on can make or break a situation. If we perceive someone talking down to us, then we get upset. Even if our perception was wrong! If we percieve things negatively, then we will more than likely act in a negative way.

The same goes for our finances, our wants, our desires...

Let's look at it this way. From a personal way. I have a huge stack of bills sitting on my desk. Doctor bills from the surgery, co-pays due, medications that need to be refilled, bills from my ER visit, not to mention just everyday-gotta pay em-lights and water are necessity--kinda bills! I could:

A. Be SO stinkin' mad that the vacation I wanted to go on is now going to be a downpayment on a new car for my doctor! 


B. Be so grateful and feel so blessed that I can pay these bills. With or without a vacation, my family is provided for.

Ya see, I have had to remind myself that it IS about perspective. One perspective makes me feel less stressed, more relaxed, causes me to smile, breathe, sigh, and say a prayer of thanksgiving! The other causes me to feel depresses, down, pale (because I need that time in the sun of course), and aggrivated with EVERYTHING in my life.

Obviously those are pretty extreme, but unfortunately they are the truth. We so quickly go to this negative place of feeling sorry for ourselves because we can't afford something, when WOW--look at the blessing we have in that the bills that DO stack up, can be paid. With cash. And there is tons of food in our fridge. And our kids are happy and healthy. and we can take them to do fun things. And we have jobs.

It's so easy to get down, but I encourage you to look at how you take a look at things :) Being negative helps no one.

Make the choice to be happy with what you already have! What God has already blessed you with.

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