Thursday, November 17, 2011

Got my job

This guest post from Werner Rogers

When I got smallbusiness.xo business voipI didn’t really use it much – mostly because the phones weren’t ringing and I had no clients to speak of! But after the local Our State magazine did a big feature on my farm I had people calling in by the hundreds – you wouldn’t believe how many requests I was getting to talk and to produce products for people I’d never even heard of or met. This year I decided to host a festival to try and capitalize on some of that publicity and that was a great decision – the festival alone brought hundreds of people to the farm and I’ve got some big clients now that I don’t think would have taken me very seriously before. I just can’t imagine a better way to live your life than to do something I love which is what I get to wake up doing each and every day – it’s not a bad thing! My wife wants me to retire but I can’t imagine not doing this work day in and day out.

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